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“Outstanding attorneys with a true compassion for all of their clients. #1 in my book.”


“Our initial experience with Mr Garcia was wonderful! He is a man of integrity, and most importantly he is honest, and we would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Lori Atherton

“It was my first time experience with an employment suit case, wanted to hire a lawyer and my friend referred me to Garcia Martin law firm, let me tell you this Mr Lionel Martin is the most patient person i know i asked him so many questions to a point that i was annoyed but yet he answered all of it and educated me about the matter. Experience plays an important role people i wanted to make sure that this guy can handle my case and he did with great results. i live in mid town houston and yes i drove to sugarland texas for each appointment and i hate driving but was very well worth it. After what happened and the amount knowledge i acquired i believe am a smarter person, more experienced, knowledgeable with the employment laws and my boundaries, which i really think you don’t have to have a lawsuit to go meet the guy, why don’t you meet him to prevent such lawsuits. i wanted to share my opinion and experience with Garcia Martin law firm and make sure others who are going thru with what i went thru are able to succeed and sleep better at night.”


“Melissa and Lionel thank you very much for working so hard to win the fight for us and our business, against the “non-compete clause that we were under. We had the usual reservations that we could lose our company and have to start over in another field. After speaking with you and what our options were, we felt confident we could overcome this battle with your help.We were in utter amazement at how well the questioning went at court and will continue to refer to Lionel as Tom Cruise in the movie “A Few Good Men. They are both outstanding attorneys and we will recommend their company to anyone who needs reliable, caring and honest attorneys. We cannot thank you enough for assisting us in getting where we are today!!”


“If you are looking for a small, friendly, family-type firm with highly trained no-nonsense lawyers, that are willing to fight for your rights and go out of their way and beyond the call of duty to complete the goal, entrust Garcia-Martin & Martin, P.C. with your needs.”


“I happened upon Melissa and Lionel’s firm in a Google search and I must say how lucky I am to have retained them. They handled my employment related suit with professionalism and vigor, having everything wrapped up and settled in less than a year’s time. Lionel is a former JAG prosecutor; always calm, cool and collected. Melissa was the bulldog and pounced on the opposing counsel when the time was right. If you’re in need of any employment related legal work, these two will fight for your rights under the law. If you retain their services, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t.”


“We recently sought Lionels help to resolve a workmanship issue with a remodeling contractor. Our claim was small so our desire was to avoid costly legal fees. It is clear that he kept this goal in mind by the advice he gave us and the course of action that we took to find a resolution. He negotiated a very fair settlement without the need for a lawsuit and we are very pleased. Lionel is very trustworthy and his professionalism was evident in that he kept us informed on all matters and progress of the negotiations. My wife and I highly recommend Lionel to anyone in need of legal assistance.”


“Melissa Garcia Martin was recommended to me by a friend when I needed an employment lawyer. She showed me courtesy and respect. I felt comfortable the moment I walked into her office. My concerns were answered in a knowledgeable way with utmost concern for me and my needs. Having been under a lot of stress, I was advised by Melissa to leave my worries to her and that is exactly what I did. I appreciate the way she handled my situation. My issues were resolved successfully and in a timely manner.”


“Without Lionel and Melissa, my life would not be what it is today. I went through some pretty tough times while dealing with my divorce and custody battle, and I can honestly say I would not have gotten through the entire process without the guidance and support of both Lionel & Melissa. The divorce proceeding would have been bad enough, but I also had a daughter and son involved, and there was enough nastiness to last two lifetimes. I had moments where I doubted the outcome, but I never gave up the fight, and a lot of that had to do with my belief in both Lionel and Melissa’s ability to offer their ultimate best. We experienced numerous setbacks, resets, and frustrations throughout the entire process, but once we had our opportunity inside the courtroom both Lionel and Melissa showed exactly what makes a great lawyer. They were very well prepared, very thorough in their approach, and outstanding in their delivery of the facts of the case. I walked out of those court proceedings with the custody of both my son (age 6 at the time) and my daughter (age 8 at the time). How often have you heard of that happening for a man in the State of Texas?! They are truly the best lawyers I have ever been involved with, and I will always be grateful for the blessing that they have provided to all of us.”


“My experiences with the law firm of Garcia-Martin & Martin, P.C. have been exceptional. The professionalism and results driven demeanor of their staff facilitated and ensured a successful outcome of my legal matter involving professional licensure within the State of Texas. I recommend their services for any individual or company requiring legal representation or consultation involving matters of legal relevance. The personalized service and knowledge of their legal professionals will most definitely offer positive results for any legal case handled by their firm.”


“Melissa Garcia Martin was recommended by my accountant. I needed someone to help modify an existing contract. Melissa provided knowledgeable direction and quickly guided me through the appropriate corrections. I had discussed my problems with several other attorneys, but never felt comfortable with their suggestions. I will use Melissa Garcia Martin for all future legal matters. I will also recommend her company to anyone else who needs honest legal counsel at fair and reasonable rates.”


“It is with great pride that I am writing this review. You helped me when I was at a very low point in my life. Divorce proceedings are never a pleasant experience, but your professional and personal attention to my situation was without question a life saving event.
I appreciate the time and effort you and your staff put into handling my case and would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a good divorce attorney. Your trusted legal counsel and effective representation was beneficial in resolving my case. Thank you for showing the kind of professionalism that set apart the average attorney from the awesome attorney, which is you. I wish you continued success in your professional development.”


“Outstanding attorneys, wonderful community members, and just plain “good people”! One word can sum it up: TRUSTWORTHY”.


“Garcia Martin & Martin has been with us since the beginning. They have been absolutely helpful. They have always been available for us.
Thanks guys!”


“In my opinion there is a difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer. A good lawyer knows his job, the law, and has skills. A great lawyer has these things also, but at the same time has compassion, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge towards you, your problems, and your views. Every case is different. As a great lawyer you have to be a counselor of sorts possessing Godly wisdom to handle it properly. Lionel is this man.
I fought a custody battle with my wife of 13 years in Houston, her home town. Her family lives there as well. I live in Atlanta, GA. Lionel not only worked with me on my money, taking some down payment then monthly payments, but was a straight shooter with me helping me along a nasty divorce and gave me wisdom and hope not making false promises, but helping me to be the best I could be in a bad situation. He became a friend and still is a year later.
My wife spent a lot more money than I did. Lionel kept the cost to a minimal, then at trial he did the job of a great lawyer. I walked out of court with custody of my 13 year old daughter. As any man knows, this rarely happens!! Then Lionel took money off my final bill. Who does this?”


“I retained Lionel and team as my counsel for an employment case. From the beginning, I knew he had my best interest at heart. It was a long road that was not always easy and he always remained professional and firm with opposing counsel. He has to be the most patient attorney ever, I had never been involved in a lawsuit before; therefore, I naturally asked a lot of questions and reviewed a number of scenarios during our meetings. I never once felt like he was rushing me or watching the clock. He was super thorough with his legal explanations and he was always very responsive. Most importantly, Garcia-Martin & Martin have a tremendous amount of compassion for their clients and they will fight for you. I cannot express my gratitude enough, if you need legal counsel, Garcia-Martin & Martin is the team for you!”


“My company is very fortunate to have used Garcia-Martin and Martin on more than one occasion. They helped us successfully win a business case and also formed our LLC partnership. One of the things that stands out about this law firm is their personal service, rapid response, and their expertise on any question that we had for them. These guys are awesome and affordable.”

jeremiah mohr

“I am a lawyer and colleague of Lionel. I’ve worked with Lionel in both depositions and important hearings. He is a calm and thorough attorney who does an excellent job. He did a great job for his client.”

Mario Martinez

“I have been knowing Melissa and Lionel for many years and they are great, honest and hard working individuals that you can always depend on when you need legal help. Being a local business owner, I have had instances come up where I needed their expertise and I know I can always depend on them. In fact, I refer anyone who has a legal need to them. They will always have your best interest at heart.”

Adam Pisani

“I had a wonderful experience with this law firm…Lionel Martin is a true professional that is dedicated to helping out his clients in the most effective way. I had a stressful employment suit, and within an extremely reasonable amount of time he was able to get me out of the mess with the least amount of hassle on my end. Lionel kept me extremely informed throughout the entire process, and about my issue and it’s legal aspects. I recommend him to anyone with an issue within his realm, it is obvious he is highly experienced.”

gg j

“If i had to recommend a law firm for great professional advice and help, then Garcia- Martin & Martin would be my first and only recommendation. Mr. Lionel Martin is very thorough,knowledgeable and gets results.”

Tasneem Mussaji

“I happened upon Melissa and Lionel’s firm in a Google search and I must say how lucky I am to have retained them. They handled my employment related suit with professionalism and vigor, having everything wrapped up and settled in less than a year’s time.
Lionel is a former JAG prosecutor; always calm, cool and collected. Melissa was the bulldog and pounced on the opposing counsel when the time was right.
If you’re in need of any employment related legal work, these two will fight for your rights under the law. If you retain their services, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t.”

Clay Thorp

“Melissa has provided me with legal advice and contract write up for the purchase of my two companies. She is extremely thorough in her work and helped me to look at the deals from all angles. Melissa also offers me legal advice on any business issue that has arisen including employment issues, contractor payments, reviewing customer contracts, etc. She responds back very quickly each time I needed anything. Her rates are always reasonable and I don’t ever feel like she has taken advantage in any way. She wants to get the job done as quickly as I do. She is the best business lawyer I have ever worked with in my career. She’s not only a great lawyer, she’s also a great person.”

Ashley B.

“Melissa Martin is an excellent attorney. She is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and timely. I will continue our relationship with her for the long term and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney that you can trust.
Darren J. Talley
Talley Financial
Aldebaran Capital Management, LLC
White Tail Transportation, Inc.”


“Lionel has assisted me personally as well as several of my clients with a range of legal needs. He is always prompt, direct, and knowledgeable. He and his team communicate clearly what to expect and follow up in a timely manner. I recommend him with confidence!”


“I have known and used Melissa and Lionel Martin for legal matters for years. They are professional attorneys that I know and trust and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy expert that has their best interest at heart.”


“When it came time for us to form our LLC, Melissa Garcia-Martin was our first choice. She was everything we were looking for in a small business lawyer. Mrs. Martin and her assistant were both very quick to respond to any questions or concerns my partner and I had about forming our partnership. Not having had previous experience in Partnership agreements, both my business partner and I had several questions regarding the agreement and LLC formation. Melissa was very thorough and answered all of our legal questions in a manner we could understand. We were a bit apprehensive about all of the paperwork filing with the State of Texas, but they removed the headache and took care of it all for us and did so very quickly. We met at their office to go over all of the details of the company operating agreement and she went over everything and made us feel very good about our decision and our legitimacy of the business moving forward. Melissa even gave us a beautiful corporate book with our name printed on it that we could keep all our official documents in. I am confident that any business legal need that we have in the future, we will be in great hands with Melissa Garcia-Martin and the Law Firm of Garcia-Martin and Martin. Finally, we loved the proximity of their location to ours. Their Law office was very conveniently located near ours in Stafford TX.”


“I have known this firm for about a year now. They do what they say and are very responsive.”

Jeremiah Mohr


"If I had to recommend a law firm for great professional advice and help, then Garcia-Martin & Martin would be my first and only recommendation. Mr. Lionel Martin is very thorough, knowledgeable and gets results.  "
Tasneem Mussaji

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